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Engineering Portfolio


Wheelchair Wheel Design

Engineering Projects in Community Service

Team lead for an engineering project where the objective was to develop an innovative wheelchair concept and prototype for an international community in South Africa.

Smart Speaker Design

Google HPS Program

One of twenty people selected nationally for a 12 week program in which I designed a casing for the Google AIY smart speaker kit. The project was heavily focused on injection molding design.


Solar Powered Cooler

Senior Design Capstone

I am the team lead for my senior design capstone team. The objective is to develop a functioning prototype and implementation plan for a solar powered cooling system for campers.

30 Day CAD Challenge

Personal Project

I was inspired by an engineer named Rob Maldonado who has been working on a "One a Day" challenge to create one SolidWorks model each day. I took this idea and decided to develop one model everyday to practice different skills.

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