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Fernando A. Sarmiento

Mechanical Engineering Student



  • ​Manufacturing Operations

  • Medical Devices

  • Aerospace

  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability


Industry Interests:

  • CAD: SolidWorks, Siemens NX


  • Programming: MATLAB

  • Microsoft Office

  • Bilingual: English/Spanish




My name is Fernando Sarmiento and I am a manufacturing engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, and this website is my portfolio! I have a passion for learning and am always open to new ventures that help me develop new skills while adding value in industries. I am an intuitive professional with skills in 3D CAD modeling, manufacturing operations, MATLAB programming, Finite Element Analysis, and designing for manufacturing. 

I was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States at a young age, where I began to develop a love for technology. I am fascinated by the development process that goes into the products and services that positively affect millions of lives everyday. I plan on incorporating my passion and skills into a company's mission to help as many people as possible.


  • Traveling

  • Playing Basketball

  • Scuba Diving


  • Computer Building

  • Video Editing

  • Professional Drone Pilot


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