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Professional CV

Recent Positions

Manufacturing Engineer Intern

May 2022 - August 2022

Worked for Amazon on Project Kuiper's prototype satellites over the summer of 2022. As a manufacturing engineer intern on a new venture I was able to be heavily involved from the beginning. I worked with various teams such as the design team to manage design builds/releases, with the technicians to implement the hardware, and with a new CAD software so that I could design and build prototypes for a future tooling design. I have listed some of my work below, omitting any details because of the nature of the project:
- Developed tooling design to improve future production rate 

- Created Work Orders for flight hardware to meet program deadlines 

- Primary point of contact for a part of the satellite where I worked with different teams to review design releases and implement hardware

Quality/Production Engineer Intern

January 2022 - April 2022

I worked as quality and production engineer for Tesla, on their battery module team in Gigafactory Nevada. I worked on various projects were I constantly was coming up with designs and rapid prototyping to create systems to improve yield. I was able to accomplish the following:
- Reduced cooling tube scrap cost by 67% through designing a testing fixture utilizing SolidWorks and rapid prototyping with 3D printing

- Successfully diagnosed and improved manual loading times by 20%

- Engineered a supporting bracket for cooling tube transportation using CAD, simulations, and rapid prototyping to reduce the number and severity of defects by 50%

- Developed a modification design to a racking system using SolidWorks and mechanical design principles to reduce the cost by over 9.5% while also improving the DFA.

Systems Integration Intern

May 2021 - August 2021

Worked on the M1A2 Tank variants for General Dynamics as a systems integration engineer. I worked with multiple teams including the facility mechanics, design engineers, and upper management where I achieved the following:- Developed an assembly report for implementation of a module to the M1A2 lineup that would affect over 3k vehicles.- Accelerated program timeline by multiple weeks by procuring over $42k in vehicle parts through supply chain relationships.- Reduced installation time by 50% during module implementation by creating an assembly flow from available tech manuals, managing a team of multiple mechanics, and working overtime.- Assisted in fixing sheet metal design for prototype fabrication

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